Established in 1974 as the commercial construction division of BGC (Australia) Pty Ltd, BGC Construction has developed into a formidable contractor in the West Australian market. We have been at the helm of delivering many of the most iconic award-winning projects in the state, from Perth Arena and NIB Stadium to The National Anzac Centre in Albany.

BGC Construction prides itself on being able to achieve its client’s objectives on every project, delivering on-time and within our client’s expectations without compromise. We achieve this through a company culture that has been installed within the business from the board and senior management across all of our teams and projects. Underpinned by the strength of BGC, our clients can rest assured that we have the financial strength to support our business goals, and that their projects will be delivered safely, on-time, within budget and to industry leading quality standards.

The BGC brand brings with it a diverse and truly vertically integrated construction company. BGC Construction works in close collaboration with other BGC businesses to ensure continuity in material supply, cost efficiencies and programme controls are internally managed. BGC directly manufactures and supplies bricks, aggregates, cement, concrete, precast elements, windows, plasterboard, fibre cement, building supplies and roof coverings to the majority of our projects.