BGC Precast is lending its support to the construction of a 24-storey Purpose Built Student Accommodation (PBSA) building on Stirling Street in Perth.

 After being awarded the contract by BGC Construction to supply all the hollowcore floor planks and precast wall panels for the project in May last year, BGC Precast recently celebrated the delivery of the last precast elements.

Interdivisional teamwork has been particularly strong throughout the project, with BGC Construction, BGC Precast, BGC Cement and BGC Concrete all playing crucial roles in the development of the PBSA. Gtek provided all the plasterboard.

Early collaboration between divisions facilitated an innovative approach to the design, including delivering the wall panels cast with integral support corbels for the hollowcore panels, to facilitate and expedite site erection.

This approach has attracted great interest from the construction industry, as spanning the hollowcore panels from outside wall to outside wall, has eliminated the need for additional support beams or columns during construction.

Early in the construction of the project, the use of hollowcore brought challenges, including plumbing access and the logistics of attaching crane bracing to the panels, both of which were promptly resolved at the design stage as a result of effective collaboration.

Phil Surridge, Business Development Manager at Precast, said the exceptional teamwork between BGC Precast, the design team and BGC Construction resulted in the successful completion of the contract.

“The connections from the hollowcore to the wall panels were workshopped by us with a focus on ease of constructability,” he said.

“We decided early on that a showcase structure with an easy and fast build resulting in a happy client, in this case BGC Construction, was a good long-term goal for BGC as a whole.”

“We had many meetings with the design team and BGC Construction refining this process. We are very proud of how the building has gone up and the satisfaction expressed by our partners at BGC

Construction has been most rewarding, completely vindicating our design philosophy”.

Completion is expected mid-December 2018.

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