• Boronia Pre Release Centre for Women, Bentley

    The Project originally named as Metropolitan Low Security Prison for Women, was completed and opened by Michelle Roberts on time and within budget.  The Centre is situated on a site of approx 3.5 hectares which is enclosed within a state of the art security perimeter fence and consists of 17 Residential units to cater for 70 inmates, an Administration/Visitors building which consists of the administration centre with an adjoining block for visitors. The security system is housed in and monitored from this building.

    Six Civic buildings which include Health & Education, Personnel & Resource, Fitness/Skills & Career Development, Community, Vocational Skill Development and a Spiritual Centre.

    At the time of the build, this project consisted of the most hi-tech security systems in WA, including a secure, fully monitored perimeter fence incorporating polyphonic cabling, controlled video surveillance and infra red detection beams.  This system is fully integrated with other systems such as fire alarms, duress buttons etc to provide the operator with total control from a single monitor.