North Cottesloe Surf Lifesaving Club

BGC has continued a long association with the North Cottesloe Surf Lifesaving Club with a valuable contribution to the Club’s history, a striking renovation to both the club facilities and storage areas.

The works, which were completed in July 2013 included the addition of a commercial kitchen, a remodeled deck area, new administration wing and increased space for gymnasium and storage.

According to NCSLC Club President Chris Shellabear, the additions have been welcomed by Club members who have been planning the additions for five years.

“North Cott has had a long and cooperative association with BGC, and during the build, both members and BGC staff worked side by side with enthusiasm and respect. If you’re going to do something, it needs to be done properly, and we believe the finished product is something not only our Club members can be proud of, but the wider community as well,” said Mr Shellabear.

The Club will also share space at the Cottesloe Community Centre, currently under construction by BGC, with the local Scouts and other community groups.

“This building will serve as a training facility, such as people getting their Bronze Medallions, and secondly for storage of gear not needed during the season on the ocean front. It will also offer a central gathering place for the many community groups that meet in Cottesloe,” added Mr Shellabear.

BGC has completed a number of works over the years for the club, including the construction of the ski shed in 1994. Additionally the Club has utilised BGC for construction of smaller projects and for the donation of building materials over the years.

In recognition of this work, members named one of the boats after BGC Director and Founder Len Buckeridge in 2013 along with one of the function rooms.

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