Tourists in Albany can now appreciate the full force of the powerful Southern Ocean from the safety of a suspended lookout which extends 10 metres beyond the cliff face.

The daring lookout is the first of its kind to be built over the ocean in Western Australia, and was part of major upgrade works valued at $6.1 million at popular tourist sites The Gap and the Natural Bridge in Torndirrup National Park in the State’s South West.

BGC Construction’s regional team was awarded the $4 million contract to build the new facilities which included stainless steel walkways and lookouts, elevated platforms, granite furniture, feature concrete, carparks and new signage.

BGC Construction Regional Manager Ross Marshall said the lookout offered a safe and accessible option for all visitors to enjoy a more exhilarating experience in this unique and beautiful part of WA.

“For the first time, visitors can now safely watch the spectacular sight of powerful waves crashing against the cliff face just 40 metres below them through a see-through platform,” said Ross.

But the construction was not without its challenges.

“Building a structure in mid-air over a wild and often unpredictable coastline is no easy feat, so I am particularly proud of the BGC Construction team for this incredible achievement,” said Ross.

“We also had to import a specialised form of stainless steel from Sweden to create the walkways and lookouts, which required highly technical welding and polishing skills.”

The new facilities opened in April and are expected to attract a growing number of visitors to the region each year.

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